Why Female Athletes Need Nail Polish

In elementary school I did a report on Florence Joyner. She was an Olympic track and field runner but she was just as famous for painting her long nails in outrageous designs for races as she was for her results on the track. I think many female athletes could take a tip from Flo Jo.

Flo Jo isn’t alone in this category of female athletes paying attention to looks. Oiselle is a female running apparel company that came about after the founder was frustrated by the unflattering clothing she found at the running store.

Professional triathlete, Nicole DeBoom, saw her reflection in a window after a run. In her words it made her feel like a boy and she was uninspired. That instance propelled her into creating her company Skirt Sports.

Chances are you won’t go starting a new apparel company. You may not like six-inch nails and maybe you wouldn’t be caught dead in a skirt. BUT – you have to find a way to tap into your feminine side. If you are a swimmer who always pulls wet hair back into a ponytail, consider blowing your hair dry on occasion. Wear the dangling earrings. Women are warriors, heroines, and goddesses. Tapping into your feminine side by paying attention to looks is only going to help you tap into your powerful self. You design what that looks like in your life.


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