Coaching Plans and Pricing

We provide individualized weekly training plans and nutritional coaching for each of our clients, and take the time to actually analyze power files and heart rate data. Because we keep our total number of athletes to a minimum, we have the time to adjust your training plan mid-week, respond to texts, talk on the phone, meet in-person, and do the work necessary to provide meaningful coaching that leads to the best possible results for our athletes.


Endurance Coaching – $250/month

The endurance coaching plan is our most popular plan and the biggest bang for your buck. We consider unlimited communication and modifications to the weekly plan one a pillar to our athletes’ success. The Endurance Plan includes everything you need to achieve your specific goals in triathlon, bike racing, marathon, or whatever your endurance sport may be:

  • Specific-to-you week by week training plan that works around your schedule
  • Unlimited emails
  • Unlimited texts
  • Unlimited phone calls
  • Under 24 hour response time
  • Mid-week modification to training plan as needed
  • In-person meetings for local athletes
  • Specific game planning for race day
  • In-depth analysis of key workouts
  • Premium Training Peaks account


Monthly Training Plan- $150/month

If your budget can’t handle the Endurance Plan, the monthly plan is another great option. Whether you’re a beginner or a seasoned athlete, the monthly plan will keep you on track with specialized, unique-to-you workouts and analysis of your training files.

  • Monthly training plan tailored for you
  • One phone call per month
  • Email as needed
  • In-depth analysis of key workouts
  • Premium Training Peaks account included

Nutrition Coaching – $200/month

  • 2X a month 60-minute in-person or over-the-phone consulting sessions
  • Meal plans for weight loss, and/or optimal performance for your sport
  • Lifestyle tools to support health nutritional habits
  • Guidance for legal and affective athletic supplements
  • Endurance Coaching/Nutrition Coaching Package Rate – $400
    • Includes everything in both the Endurance and Nutrition Coaching services at a discounted rate

Consulting – $60/session

  • 1 hour phone consult in person or over the phone, available to anyone
  • Perfect for addressing specific issues such as:
    • Basic training methods
    • Addressing the mental side of the sport
    • Nutrition
    • Race day planning

Please contact us if you are interested in being coached. We will send you an athlete intake form to address your goals, current training level, work schedule, race schedule, and more.

Contact us at or use the form below.

**By referring a friend as a new client, current athletes get 1 month free of Endurance Coaching. New client must stay with Be The Beast Coaching for six months for this offer to be valid.**