Being an athlete builds strength, resilience, and emotional health. Be the Beast Coaching is here to mentor and train those who want to tap into their most powerful self.



There is a feeling of being invincible when you know you’ve put in a stellar training session, gotten out the door when you wanted to skip the workout, or hit a personal best during a race you’ve been dreaming of for months. That strength doesn’t go away when you hang up your bike or undo the laces on your shoes. You’ll feel the energy when you walk back into your daily life and it will make a profound difference.

We know because we’ve been there, through the best moments and the hardest ones of being an athlete. We understand that sometimes it takes a person encouraging you to really bring forth your ultimate effort and we are ready to be that person for you.

We are Kennett and Adelaide, a professional triathlete couple. We live in Boulder, Colorado but we can coach remotely. Depending on what races you choose, we may be able to meet you there.