Becoming an athlete builds strength, resilience, and emotional health. Be the Beast Coaching is here to mentor and train those who want to tap into their most powerful self.

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There comes a feeling of invincibility when you know you’ve put in a stellar training session, gotten out the door when you wanted to skip the workout, or hit a personal best during a race you’ve been dreaming of for months. That strength doesn’t go away when you hang up your bike or undo the laces on your shoes. You’ll feel the energy when you walk back into your daily life and it will make a profound difference.

We know because we’ve been there, through the best moments and the hardest ones of being an athlete. We understand that sometimes it takes a person encouraging you to really bring forth your ultimate effort and we are ready to be that person for you.

A Little About Us

We are Kennett Peterson and Adelaide Perr, a professional triathlete couple seeking to spread our hard-earned knowledge to others. We live in Boulder, Colorado and coach remotely for those who don’t live in the Front Range. We coach cyclists of all types, runners, swimmers, and triathletes; whether you’re new to endurance sports and have just signed up for your first 10K run, or you’ve been competing in Ironman events for a decade, we can help you reach your goals, make that elusive breakthrough that’s evaded you for season after season, and help you maintain your passion for your sport until the day you die. Check out our individual coaching pages to learn more about us.


Our Coaching Style

There is no single training plan that works for everyone. Even athletes with similar abilities, experience in the sport, and weekly time to train will improve at different rates and degrees if they’re given the same exact workouts. Because of this, we find out what type of training works for each of our individual athletes. Some people make the most gains with long threshold intervals, while others do best with shorter, higher intensity VO2 intervals. Some athletes thrive on 16 hour weeks, while others do best on 12, even if they have the time in their work schedule for more. We take the time to work with you and adapt the training plan to your needs, not the other way around. No athlete should have to adapt to their coaches cookie cutter training plan that simply gets used over and over again by all of their athletes. Unfortunately, this type of coaching is very common. Generally the larger the coaching company and the more athletes each coach has, the less time they spend managing their clients, creating unique training plans, and listening to the athlete’s needs. We keep our client list small so that we can give each athlete the attention they deserve.

What You Can Expect From Us

We only have one coaching option to choose from; the “Endurance Coaching” plan costs $220 per month and includes a premium Training Peaks account, and plans updated weekly or mid-week when needed. If a big snow storm is coming in on Friday, for example, we work with you to change the plan mid-week so you aren’t left hanging, wondering what to do if you had long outdoor rides and runs planned for the weekend. We communicate via text, email, Training Peaks comments, and of course over the phone as needed. If you have a question about a workout, concern about a last minute scheduling conflict with work or your personal life, or need to get in touch with us for any other reason, go ahead and do it. We do not put limits on weekly phone calls, texts, or emails. Communication is a necessity for a good coach/athlete relationship, and it’s the best way to continue seeing results throughout the months and years that you work with us.

What We Expect From You

Not every athlete has the goal of winning their age group or running a sub 3-hour marathon. Similarly, not every athlete has a full time job with a family to care for. Everyone’s schedule, goals in their sport, and degree of commitment is different. Some of our triathletes have their eyes set on a Kona qualification, while others are just getting their feet wet in local 10Ks and entry level mountain bike races. We are equally happy coaching both, and everyone in between. We do ask a lot from our athletes, however. If we’ve worked out a training plan that involves multiple sessions per day and 14 hours a week of hard training, we expect and encourage that client to commit and get the work done, and to update their Training Peaks and keep us informed about how their sessions go.

If another athlete’s goals are little more modest, and the training plan involves 8 hours of work, we still expect and encourage that athlete to do the work. We exist as coaches not only to give you detailed workouts, but to help keep you accountable and to ensure that you’re putting in 100 percent of the time and effort that you originally set aside for your sport.

On the other hand, we fully understand that life takes priority in most cases. Family time, long work hours, and the unexpected obligation always take priority before training at least a handful of times per month, if not more. We help our clients decide which workouts to cut, which should be moved, and which take priority in these cases, and can help you make last minute decisions when it comes to your life and training schedules. If in doubt, we usually opt for removing workouts in order to reduce stress and keep you mentally fresh for the next day. In our more than three decades of combined experience competing as elite endurance athletes, we have found that less is more when it comes to performance.

The Important Roles That Rest, Recovery, and Nutrition Play in Training

A happy athlete performs better than a time-stressed, tired, undernourished athlete. Jamming in one extra swim workout for junk miles is a recipe for disaster when that time could have been better spent watching a movie, playing with your kids, or getting a massage. It is vital that you have down time built into your week, get plenty of sleep, and pay attention to your diet to ensure properly fueling for the next hard sessions around the corner. We, as coaches, have an obligation to monitor all of these aspects and to create manageable training plans that don’t chronically stress you out for time. In addition, Adelaide offers professional nutritional coaching, which can be an add on to your Endurance Coaching, or purchased as a stand alone plan. The importance of nutrition cannot be overstated when it comes to athletic performance and overall well being.