Nutritional Coaching



You can’t perform well if you don’t eat well. Food and hydration drastically affect your training and how you recover from hard sessions. The right food helps while the wrong food hurts. Your day-in, day-out routine of strenuous training takes it toll on your body, and without the proper nutrition, your ability to recover, remain healthy, and free of injury will suffer. If you aren’t an athlete, we offer nutritional coaching to those seeking a healthier body composition, overall lifestyle, and who want to be around for their grandchildren. Adelaide is certified in exercise nutrition through Precision Nutrition, a highly regarded program that uses current science and outcome-based decision making to attain your goals. If you’re looking to improve you energy, recover better from workouts, learn how to carb load before races, reduce your body’s inflammation, shed some weight, or simply reach that next level of athletic performance, Be the Beast Coaching offers experienced nutritional coaching to get you there. This service is not included in the Endurance Coaching package. As a stand alone, Nutrition Coaching is $200. As an add-on to the Endurance Coaching it is $150. Nutrition Coaching includes:

-Weekly 60-minute in-person or over-the-phone consulting sessions
-Meal plans for weight loss, and/or optimal performance for your sport
-Lifestyle tools to support health eating habits
-Guidance for legal and affective athletic supplements