Top 10 Songs Guaranteed to Make You Fast!

Ha, I got you! Just like BuzzFeed if you put a catchy title with a number in it, it will be clicked on. Not to worry though, this is a blog worth being clicked on. This isn’t 75 Beautiful Spongebob Stills That Belong In A Museum. (I did not actually open this link and I beg you to also save your time. Don’t actually click on it!)

This blog post has been brewing in my mind for some days now. I used to have a playlist on my iPod but recently I’ve taken to just shuffling through the songs at random and skipping those I don’t like. It has opened me up to the an entirely new world of music. Perhaps you can relate to the following: At some point in college it was cool to swap music with others by syncing with their iTunes. I must have done that at least once, maybe twice, and no more than three times. I promise I wasn’t a music slut. I tell you this because I think this may be how I obtained about 80% of the music I have on my iPod. It will make sense in just a moment when I actually get into my top 10 list.

  • Ace of Base All that She Wants: I would actually argue that Ace of Base’s Voulez-Vous Dancer would be a way better playlist song, however, I’m just going off what I already have on my iPod. I’d also make the argument that I just haven’t updated my music to include this song, but it is from the 90’s, so I’ve had plenty of time to swap these songs around. Regardless, everyone had a tape of Ace of Base in the 90’s – I just haven’t let go yet.
  • Ying Yang Twins feat. Mike Jones Badd: This is a full-on rap song. It isn’t appropriate and you shouldn’t listen if you get offended easily. This is the second time this song appears in my blog. I initially wrote about it after I first heard it on my iPod. I definitely have no idea how I got access to this song but I didn’t waste anytime learning the chorus.
  • Jay-Z feat: Santogold Brooklyn We Go Hard: I heard this song for the first time around midnight at a house party for blues fusion dancing. I kept track of my favorite songs to dance with and sometimes they carry over to being a good song on the bike too. If I lost you at the words “blues dancing” you should catch a few YouTube videos like this one to learn more. Kennett has agreed to learn blues once he stops training. Not sure how many years I’ll have to wait…
  • Sean Paul Temperature: I really enjoy this song when I’m hitting a hard interval on the treadmill. However it is still summer so I won’t talk about the awful treadmill again. This song could also be replaced  with other Sean Paul songs such as Ever-Blazing, We Be Burnin, or Got 2 Luv U.
  • Twin Shadow Five Seconds: When you are doing short intervals and listen to this song you just keep telling yourself only five more seconds, I got this! If you have the time you should also watch the music video. This is just one image from the video: Screen Shot 2016-09-05 at 8.52.01 PM
  • Will Smith Wild Wild WestWhen I’m rolling through the Wild Wild West…I’m the slickest there is, I’m the quickest there is… How can you not get a few extra watts from this song?? If you need an alternative there is always Will Smith’s Miami
  • Tom Jones Sex Bomb: I haven’t actually tested this song to see if it works on intervals but I can tell you that it will make you climb faster than Kennett on Peak to Peak Highway, even when you are using your energy to sing the song out loud. Kennett thought I was singing “Sex Mom” and didn’t appreciate that I was sharing it with him, and also passing him.
  • Florence and the Machine & Dizzee Rascal You’ve Got the Dirtee Love: This song was performed at the Brit Awards and I think you actually may have no choice but to download this song off of the internet. When Dizzee Rascal asks, “Who’s got the love?” You can’t help but answer with Florence, “You’ve got the love!” and the rapping is fantastic!
  •  Spice Girls Wannabe: Wow – this could almost be a 90’s playlist. The bonus of having songs like this on a playlist is you know the radio won’t wreck it by overplaying it-they already did. I’m pretty sure there are other Spice Girls songs that would be good to listen to on the bike but I don’t know them…yet.
  • Casa De Leones No Te Veo: I don’t sing along to this song. I haven’t gotten to that level of Duolingo yet.

I didn’t number these 10 songs because I couldn’t really decide on which one tops the list. It depends on the day and I didn’t want to skew your love for one song by listing it as only being #10.

I initially started by making a few lists but I decided they need to be split into different blog posts. Follow this blog so you can be alerted when the following blogs get released: Top 15 Songs for a Long Ride, Top 9 Songs that will Transport You Back to Before you were Born, and finally Top 11 Songs to Secretly Make you Like Country.


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