“Be the Beast” is back!

In 2014 I began writing a blog to track my introduction into bike racing. That winter I also began a company called Be the Beast Racing so that I could promote my first bike race, The Gebhardt Automotive Cycling Classic. While the race was a huge success and I wanted to continue working for myself, the timing wasn’t right, so I took another job in the bicycle industry and continued my passion for the bike by training.

Almost two years ago, October 2014, I was in a crash with a car while biking. Kennett wrote a blog from his perspective of that first day which reached over 100,000 views worldwide. People contacted us to tell us how much they cried while sitting in their office cubicle reading Kennett’s experience and how he proposed to me in a coma. After leaving the hospital I kept up this blog with more dedication. Kennett’s readers wanted updates on my progress. In one comment someone insightfully told me:

Believe it or not, you will look back at this unexpected journey some day and it will somehow make sense. There will be some important life changes that come into play because of all this.

The person who left that comment on my blog was right – I’ve made some important life changes since then. Sports have played an important part in my growth as a person. Regardless of my life’s emotional ups and downs, I’ve been able to count on a hard workout to feel strong and capable again. As such, I’ve always wanted to give back to the athletic community. In the past it was volunteering at races, then it was promoting my own race. The crash pushed me to realize just how much I value our ability as humans to be active, push ourselves, and heal. Now I’m coming back to Be the Beast Racing from a different angle. It is now called Be the Beast Coaching. I’ve taken the time to become a USA Triathlon certified coach and I’m very excited to help others accomplish their goals and find their power.

In writing my blog I’ve also come to realize how much people have used my story to help get over their own traumas. One woman told me:

Reading your story gave me a little bit of comfort, knowing that there was someone else out there going through a similar but very different process which made me feel not so alone.

My crash has a specific story to it, but traumas are universal. I want to help others overcome difficult situations. I’m going to pursue motivational speaking. My story is powerful and goes well beyond being a bike crash. It is a story about the power of goals, the importance of community, the ability to heal from trauma, and our responsibility as citizens.

For those of you who have helped me with this new journey – thank you. Please share my website with anyone you feel could benefit from it.





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