High Spirits and Good Weather

It was so sunny today that I’m finally in a spunky mood. I even rode to Sprouts for groceries.

1. Kennett said I get really frustrated by my FTP being half of what it once was. He wasn’t lying. I went for a run a few weeks ago and as I left the house and contemplated how slow I run these days, I could hardly breath from holding back the tears. Kennett said it wasn’t true and of course he was right. I met up with friends and ran better than expected. But, if you look on the bright side – I am setting new post-crash records all the time. I got a Garmin watch after the crash that lets me know when I set a new time or distance record. Yep – 4.5 mile run was a record at one point. Last weekend I set my new record with Krista with an 8.97 mile run. This weekend? Well I opted to take a nap and read instead of run.

2. I’m enjoying being back at work. Last week we commuted every day. It is really nice to have Kennett at work because it means I can draft off of him. I even stayed at work late one day just so I could ride behind him as he left! Another bonus about work is the engaging conversations. At breakfast I asked Sam what classes he took for his degree in library cataloging (I don’t know the exact degree title). The group consensus was that the classes included: “Plaid skirts and knee highs”, “How to stand over the desk just sooo” and “How to wear your cardigan for maximum cleavage.” I enjoy my co-workers and the return to routine is pleasing. Probably to a fault. I have been avoiding appointments and haven’t been doing my due diligence to fix my shoulder quickly.

3. Today I did a huge ride with Nora. Similar to running, I believe it was a new post-crash record for distance. This was the first time Nora and I had planned to ride. We’ve met on the road once and spent some time together. When I was in the hospital, Nora and her husband sent me a card. I didn’t know Nora very well at the time but she wrote that when I got better we’d have to ride together. That really stuck with me and I felt really lucky to be out riding in short-sleeves next to Nora.

Don’t expect this good mood to stick around if the snow comes back.


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