When is it Over?

My civil lawsuit settled on Tuesday. I’m not going to go into too many details about that now except to mention that I wasn’t happy with behavior of one of the insurance companies’ adjusters. He had asked in an email that Kennett not show up at mediation; that Kennett wasn’t involved. Another one of his low … More When is it Over?

Surgery Part Deux

This is a short and unedited version of what’s going on in my brain at the moment. I am not going to take any time to edit it because I technically should be doing the writing I am getting paid to do and I also have a book to finish (I’m 100 pages in so … More Surgery Part Deux

Three Hundred and Sixty Three Days, Day One for Someone Else

At our house Maybellene frequently sighs. And, as a joke, both Kennett and I will follow suite by each taking an excessively deep breath. If you pause during any given moment to breath intentionally it may refocus you, calm you, or even cause you to yawn. That is not the sensation I am about to … More Three Hundred and Sixty Three Days, Day One for Someone Else

What Time Off Offers

I’ve been off of work for nearly four months. As the financial planner in the family, I’m ready to return to the world of a paycheck. However, if you do sabbaticals correctly, I’m of the belief that taking time off traditional work often requires more effort. Time off is also rewarding if done properly. So, here’s … More What Time Off Offers