Pre-Race Jitters

Hmm, I had this blog all worked out in my head as I was riding. Up until the point I unclipped and walked through the door of our AirBnB house, I had a clear outline in my head of what I wanted to say. That clarity has since left me, but I’m going to attempt to share what I’m thinking about before my first pro race Coeur d’Alene 70.3 tomorrow.

What I’m Ready For:

I’m ready to represent the sport. Maybe this sentiment is the last bit of military left in me. If I was wearing a uniform I knew I was representing the Coast Guard and the United States. There is no uniform as a pro athlete but I wear sponsor’s clothing and I rack my bike in the pro’s area.

I’m very cognizant of this responsibility to represent the sport when I’m staying at a generous host house, interacting with volunteers, or getting free entry into the local rec. center. I want to leave the best impression possible. Often it is as simple as just being friendly or taking time to explain the sport to a potential spectator.

I’m ready to mentor others. I’ve been lucky to have a whole community of friends who have guided me through every aspect of triathlon. I’m ready to be someone else’s cheerleader and help teach them everything I’ve learned over the years.

I’m ready to race hard! I raced hard before and I’m just going to continue what I’ve been working on up until now, including focusing on my run. Yes, I made it to the pro field but that didn’t suddenly make me a different caliber of racer. I still have a lot to work towards and I’m going to train and race my heart out to get to the next level.

What I’m Not Ready For Yet:

I’m not ready to race confidently in the pro field. I think this is self-explanatory. I will be towing the line with girls who have made a name for themselves. They are faster and I just have to remind myself that at one point, they had a race where they were the “new pro”.

I’m not ready to be noticed. I shouldn’t be a recognizable face in the pro field because I haven’t even raced in this field before. However, I have a visible scar on my face that makes me easy to spot and remember. With my scar I feel like I have less time to fly under the radar.

What My Goals Are For the Year:

Have a good race at Los Cabos in November. This will give me enough time to adjust to racing at a higher level. It will give me a chance to improve my running. I love traveling to Mexico and I’m comfortable with the race itself by now, since I’ve done it twice before. Plus, if my race doesn’t go well there is always Zippers, Kennett and my favorite beach-side bar that serves an amazing Pina Colada.

To be able to take care of my own bike without any assistance from Kennett. I’m excited to be working at Boulder Cycle Sport because I’m learning more from the bike mechanics. I’m also stoked to be racing on my new A-Squared Speed Phreak. My previous bike, the Felt IA, was too confusing to work on. Even the most experienced mechanics hate seeing that bike being rolled into the shop. I have already taken apart the crank and bottom bracket of my A2. I want to learn how to replace cables and housing at some point this summer.

On the bike I let my thoughts turn to how strong my legs felt, but now when I sit down to rest I start questioning my abilities. I’ve experienced this for every race, but I’m finding that this time around I need extra reminders of what I’m striving for instead of focusing on why I may or may not belong at the front of the race tomorrow.



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