Why You May Be Reading My Blog Today

Today I came home from riding and Kennett said his blog post about my crash went viral again. So now I am sitting in my bibs and sports bra at the table writing this.

Our friend, Nick’s girlfriend Joy, was hit on her bicycle today. She is in the hospital like I was ten months ago and I don’t know her condition. Nick reposted Kennett’s blog about my crash because he shares the sentiment, which only tells me she was hurt really seriously. So chances are, if you are reading this blog post you clicked on Nick’s link to Kennett’s blog, and then happened to click on my blog afterwards.

Nick was absolutely correct when he said he saw me at Vineman 70.3 about a month ago and that I was doing well. Heck, I was on my bike just this morning. However, the pain and agony my family, friends, and I had to go through for me to get to today is unfathomable. I still have bad days where I throw things across the house out of anger and, on my good days, I still have a big enough scar on my face to warrant stares.

I am not sure how one goes about changing the driving habits of people anymore. Please don’t just put away your cell phones in the car, but make it unacceptable for anyone you ride with to check their phone to talk, text, or look up directions while driving. Take a really big stand and be mean about it. Go ahead and yell at the driver stopped next to you when their window is rolled down and they’ve got a phone to their ear.

Joy and I represent your sister, your girlfriend, daughter, friend, and next-door neighbor. Today, as you read this, we are the reminder that your worst fear can become reality. The fear and reminder that your loved one, or the person you always wish you knew better, is here on the earth temporarily. Someone could take their life at any moment with one reckless decision. Please do everything you can to help prevent it.

I am going to meet with a writing coach in about an hour to talk about how she can help me start piecing together the story of my past year into a book. Maybe it will make a difference, who knows. And maybe along the way I’ll share some more of my stories on this blog. Until then, please keep Joy in your thoughts, especially when you turn on the car engine.


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