Staying in Touch via The Facebook

Kennett and I gave our two weeks notice at work and our last day is Thursday. We work at the same job, mere feet from each other and yes, we can play footsie. I will be happy to be without a job temporarily. It will allow me to explore other interests including training for triathlons, studying to possibly coach in the future, work on bicycle advocacy, and time to travel with Kennett and Maybellene. What am I going to miss the most about the job? My coworker’s banter and support, and friendly faces within the cycling industry.

But hey, that’s what Facebook is good for right? We’ll keep in touch.

Weirdly enough, in the last few months I’ve had several college classmates who I haven’t spoken to in years reach out to become Facebook friends. All of a sudden I am seeing people still sporting the United States Coast Guard uniform on my page, a reminder of another life I’ve moved away from.  The truth is, even though I haven’t seen these people for years, they still mean a great deal to me.

It is nice to know that somebody remembers who you are and wants to be friends on the Facebook. But really? You just click the button to be friends without saying a peep? How about a, “Hey, I’ll be out your way soon, we should reconnect!” or “I’m across the country, but I also bike now and read about you through Kennett’s blog” or “Hey, you have a dog. Me too!” or even, “Your page doesn’t allow me to see anything about you without being friends, so I’d like to become friends to Facebook stalk you.” If you are one of these people, I say this all in jest. I like stalking you too.


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