Testimonial of Be the Beast’s First Athlete

This was written by Daryl Horton. One of his many accomplishments this year was finishing Iceman, a 30 mile mountain bike racing in Kalkaska, Michigan.

I am a cyclist but not necessarily one who ever thought about racing but since the Iceman Cometh  starts in my hometown, I have been drawn to it over the last few years…just haven’t followed through with participating in it until this year.  Although I have purchased an entry each of the past few years and I usually end up selling it. My first entry was the year my father passed away a few days before the race so it has always been an emotional time for me. This year a close  friend of mine purchased a ticket in which he really was pushing me to buy one as well. I did buy one but then I still was on the fence about actually going through with it. That is where Adelaide comes in.

I started communications with Adelaide last year it was nothing to do about training, coaching, or even  about the race that I was supposed to be going to in November.  But once I started getting to know Adelaide, along with discovering  her and her husband’s experience in  triathlons on a professional level, we both came to the realization that I could sure use someone coaching me or helping me with my goal of 2016 for my first ever 30 mile mountain bike race. So…Be The Beast Coaching was now on my side to help me complete personal goal of mine that I seem to have trouble with: Hence…now I need Adelaide’s help.

Adelaide asked me what I wanted to focus on in which for me it was to eat healthier, exercise more with a routine in place, and to finish my first ever race within a certain amount of time that I set a goal for. I could write in detail about everything she worked on me with but as of now the purpose of my story is that she helped me immensely. Through her coaching ways and  within a few months…. I was eating better, I was feeling better, and I lost about 15 pounds. I did realize that eating healthy was a lot of work compared to not but it has been all worth it. I started feeling so good that I almost decided that I didn’t need to actually go through with the race but Adelaide soon reminded me that me skipping out on that race was not an option….I did think she might try to drag me to the starting line if I gave her anymore hint of me not following through with the race so I felt it was better to stay on track with my goal.

I did end up entering the race as planned and my goal for my first ever race was to finish and finish under a time that I set by reviewing the previous years times for my age group.  I not only finished but finished well under my time I set and only had trouble climbing one hill due all the other riders on the hill. After the race, the first thing Adelaide said to me that she was proud of me. I do feel that she was the reason I was able to stay focused this year and to finally complete a race I have tried to enter for the past few years. I cannot say enough good things about her knowledge, patience, and coaching abilities in which she really opened my eyes to not only racing but to live a much healthier life.  To me she was not only coaching me for this race but coaching me in living a better life.  Truly, a new friend for life was found.



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