How Triathletes Can Boost Their Testosterone Naturally

The sex hormone testosterone plays a vital role in both males and females, promoting bone and muscle growth, sex drive, overall well being, and warfare. Moderate exercise, reduction in body fat, and healthy eating increase testosterone levels in the general public, though hard training—the kind that is necessary for competing at a high level in … More How Triathletes Can Boost Their Testosterone Naturally

Pretty in Pink

In planning for IM Coeur d’Alene 70.3 I wrote a Facebook post that said, “I’ll be focusing on style. I’ll be rockin’ a bike from A-Squared Bikes and a sweet new CUORE of Switzerland kit.” I also decided to paint my nails Hot Pink Bikini to match my kit. Finally, there was a last minute decision … More Pretty in Pink

Pre-Race Jitters

Hmm, I had this blog all worked out in my head as I was riding. Up until the point I unclipped and walked through the door of our AirBnB house, I had a clear outline in my head of what I wanted to say. That clarity has since left me, but I’m going to attempt … More Pre-Race Jitters