Motivational Speaking

In October of 2014 an inattentive driver pulled in front of me while I was biking. After going through the driver side window, I spent five days in a coma and 11 in intensive care at the hospital. But just five weeks after being hit, I was determined to get back on a bike. When I did, my first ride was only a few blocks down the street. Since then I’ve had both small and large obstacles to overcome. One day it was the realization that I had to come to a full stop on the bike to drink from my water bottle because my mouth was deformed. Another day it was experiencing PTSD after having another close call with a negligent driver. Now I ride my bike nearly every day and encourage others to ride as well.

My story isn’t just about riding a bike. Trauma is universal. It is about learning to deal with loss; about asking for help from friends, family, and even strangers; about setting goals; about being honest with expectations; and after healing, about helping others.

Topics I can cover:
– My experience getting back on the bike
– How I’ve learned to manage my PTSD
– The legal system in regards to bike crashes
and what needs to change
– The value of goal-setting to overcome trauma
– If you have another idea for a talk
please contact me and we can discuss more
Upcoming speaking event:
– Boulder High Interact Club on Oct 12th, 2016

Previous speaking events:
– @ Boulder Rotary Club
– @ Colorado Multisport for She Does Tri training group
– @ YGR Live, a live bike talk show in Fort Collins

“Your story and perspective are incredible. Keep providing the inspiration and support for those that have had some trauma. It is needed and you are making a big difference”