Adelaide Perr

**Adelaide is not taking new athletes. However, Kennett currently has three athletes slots available.**

Coaching Specialties: Training athletes who are overcoming traumas and athletes who struggle with mood disorders, certified USAT coach, certified Pn1 nutrition coach.

I started bike racing in the winter of 2014. In February 2014, I promoted the Gebhardt Automotive Cycling Classic, a successful one-day bike race in Colorado. My production company was called Be the Beast Racing. On October 18, 2014 I crashed with a car that pulled out in front of me while I was training for an iron-distance triathlon. My fiance wrote a heart-wrenching blog post that reached people worldwide. All of a sudden people knew my story and wanted to hear updates of my progress. In my blog, you’ll find the story of my recovery. However, now I’m healthy again. My return to the sport brought me back to being one of the top age-group athletes in Colorado, and a few years later I qualified as a professional.

Be the Beast Racing is returning in a slightly different form. Now the business will be called Be the Beast Coaching. I’m available to be your coach, to offer you advice through consulting, or speak for a group you have.

I’ve been a swimmer since elementary school with a strength in long-distance freestyle events. I always say I began running before I was born because my mom ran a 10k when she was seven months pregnant with me. At the United States Coast Guard Academy I ran on the cross-country team, became president of the running club, and completed my first marathon. While biking is my most recent sport, I quickly became successful in the sport. I won my second bike race along with every stage of Tucson Bicycle Classic before becoming a top category three racer in Colorado. Not only do I know what it takes to put in the training hours but I understand what it takes to push through on the last thirty seconds of an interval.

In my coaching I rely on my teaching background and my passion for psychology. I want each athlete I work with to learn how to use their strengths to their advantage. Mental strength plays a huge role in athletics, especially endurance events, and I have the tools to develop an athlete’s mental stamina.

Athletic Highlights

Professional Races

-7th pro @ Ironman 70.3 Los Cabos
-9th pro @ Ironman 70.3 Coeur d’Alene 2017

Amateur Races

– 1st overall age-group female @ Ironman 70.3 Raleigh 2017, Qualified to race professionally
– 5th female age-grouper @ Ironman 70.3 St. George National Championship 2017
– 4th female age-grouper @ Ironman 70.3 Los Cabos 2016
– 3rd female overall @ The Human Race Half Marathon 2016
– 2nd female overall @ Colorado Sprint Triathlon 2016
– 27th female overall @ Colfax Half Marathon 2016
– 6th female overall @ Vineman full 2015
– 5th female overall @ Harvest Moon 2015
– 3rd female overall @ Harvest Moon 2014
– 1st GC and three stage wins (category 4) Tucson Bicycle Classic
– 1st (category 4) Hillside Road Race
– 1st (category 4) Oracle Road Road
– 2 marathons, a few 50k’s, and a 50-miler ultra-run


“When I reached out to Adelaide about 6 months ago, I expected lots of data tracking, a strict schedule, and a big list of “do not eat” foods.  Luckily, Adelaide knew what I needed a lot better than I did. Her flexible, holistic approach leaves room for tailoring your nutrition needs to your schedule, training, and dietary preferences, but most importantly, sets you up for long term success.  Working with Adelaide has been a personal journey that has changed my eating habits and the way I think about food.  I really didn’t know that fueling could be this easy and this life-changing.”


“Adelaide helped me take my training to the next level with program specifically tailored to my needs, which got me a PR on the bike. She is always available to give feedback, support, and provides comprehensive guidance in a non-intimidating way. Our coaching relationship turned into a friendship. I highly recommend her as a coach.”


“I really appreciate and am very happy to know you. You have helped me in many aspects of my life. From making me understand why its good to write your weight down each day along with just being conscious of what you eat, to getting on a bike and ride. I lost 23 lbs from January 3rd till October 30. It was my goal to be close to 170 for Iceman and I’m steadily around that weight….I didnt think I could do it. Its something I’m am super happy about and proud of myself. I drink less beer, eat less sweets, eat healthier foods, and finding the correct friends to be around. You have taught me confidence in racing and riding and have also taught me there is no shame for sitting out a race as well in which you have to fo what you feel is right. It’s not about the one race it’s about the people, the friendships,  and the lifestyle you chose to live by. I have a list of people in my life but I have a small handful of people with whom are most important to me and help me on my journeys…you are in that handful for sure.”